Guilford Rail System / Pan Am Railways
In 1981 Guilford Transportation Industries purchased the Maine Central Railroad.  In 1983, they purchased the Boston & Maine, and the Delaware & Hudson in 1984.  The tiny Springfield Terminal, part of the B&M, was used as operator, due to their labor agreements.  In 1988, GRS declared the D&H bankrupt.   In 2006, Guilford became Pan Am Railways, a rebranding by the company who already owned the Pan Am name and logo. 

Pan Am Railways is still made up of the classic railroads Boston & Maine, Maine Central, and tiny Springfield Terminal, though mostly on paper.  Most road power is marked for the MEC, and most land is in the name of the B&M.  They operate a fleet of second-hand EMD power. Guilford's yards include those at Ayer and East Deerfield MA, Rigby Yard in Portland ME, and the recently reopened Mechanicville NY yard.   Interchanges with other railroads occur in MA, ME, VT, NY, CT, NH. 

Guilford locomotives were originally painted in a dark gray & orange scheme, with the locomotive's road name on the side of the long hood.  Next, the road name was moved to the cab as simply reporting marks, with Guilford's name on the long hood.  In 2006, PanAm started to apply a new light blue & gray paint scheme to its boxcars, taking advantage of their ownership of the Pan Am name and logos.  This scheme was also applied to diesels #505 and #511.  In 2008, two diesels were painted in yet another new scheme, dark blue "dip" with retro logos.  2009 saw more units, including #516 & #519, painted in the phase II scheme.  The year 2010 brought the purchase of used EMD SD40/45 units, each of which are slowly being "dipped".

Effective April 2009, Pan Am teamed with Norfolk Southern to form PanAm Southern.

The year 2012 saw some B&M boxcars repainted in a solid dark blue.  Some of the cars have had Pan Am logos added.

2017 saw leased ex-CSX GE units arrive, the first GE's on the line in decades.  These locomotives were numbered in the 7000-series.
PanAm/MEC boxcar #31955 (2004)
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