Vermont Railway System
Green Mountain Railroad - Clarendon & Pittsford - Washington County
Green Mountain's Alco #405 at Chester VT (2004)
Clarendon & Pittsford RR in Bellows Falls VT (2004)
VTR #202, painted for the Washington County RR, and the White River Flyer, White River Jct VT (2004)
Alco #405 preparing for a flagged crossing at Chester VT (2006)
The diamond at Bellows Falls VT.  Heading off to the right is NECR/Amtrak.  To the left is Green Mountain
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VTR #312 at Bellows Falls VT (2009)
Green Mountain Railroad (GMRC)
Vermont Railway (VTR)
Clarendon & Pittsford (CLP)
Washington County
GMRC #304 at Bellows Falls VT (5/21/11)
VTR #308 at Bellows Falls VT (5/21/11)
VTR #310 at Bellows Falls VT (5/21/11)
CLP #203 at Bellows Falls VT (5/21/11)