Frequency   Railroad    Comments
161.355Albany Port
160.455AmtrakRensselear Shop
160.635AmtrakStation Services
160.650AmtrakStation Services
160.920AmtrakRoad (NE Corridor)
160.800AmtrakLake Shore Ltd - Inland Route
160.320AmtrakDowneaster, North Station-Lowell Jct.
457.900AmtrakStation Services
160.305Bay Colony (?)Road Repeater Out
160.485Bay Colony (?)Spare
160.725Bay Colony (?)Spare
161.265Bay Colony (?)Yard
161.355Bay Colony (?)Road Repeater In
160.710Belfast & Moosehead Lake (?)Road
151.715Boothbay Railway Museum    Maine railway museum
160.695Central New England
160.950Claremont-Concord                        NH shortline
161.205Connecticut Southern
161.415Connecticut Southern
161.250Conway Scenic        NH tourist Line
156.650CSX Livingston Ave. Bridge Albany, NY
160.560CSX Police Dispatcher
160.680CSX Police Car to Car
160.800CSX Boston/Chicago Lines Road
160.980CSX River Line Road
161.070CSX Yard
161.130CSX MOW
160.320Delaware & HudsonPolice
160.425Delaware & HudsonTrain to Dispatcher Systemwide
160.530Delaware & HudsonYard
161.100Delaware & HudsonNorth End Dispatcher to Train
161.475Eastern Maine
160.245Grafton & Upton       MA shortline
160.230Pan Am Railways    Police Car to Car
160.380Pan Am Railways    District 1 MOW
160.620Pan Am Railways    District 1 Road
161.160Pan Am Railways    Districts 2 - 3 Dispatcher to Train (also MBTA info)
161.235Pan Am Railways    Police Repeater
161.250Pan Am Railways    District 1 Yard
161.370Pan Am Railways    Districts 2 - 3 MOW
161.400Pan Am Railways    Districts 2 - 3 Yard
161.520Pan Am Railways    Districts 2 - 3 Train to Dispatcher
160.470Hobo RR   General Operations
160.560Hobo RR   Repeater In (Repeater Inactive)
161.550Hobo RR   Repeater Out (Repeater Inactive)
160.425Maine Coast
161.190Maine Coast
161.280Maine Coast
160.470Massachusetts Central  Shortline interchanges NECR at Palmer MA
160.575Massachusetts Central
440.460MBTA (subway)Transit MOW
153.755MBTA (subway)Transit Yard
153.890MBTA (subway)BFD Subway Fire Operations
160.320MBTA (subway)Northside Boston East Dispatcher
160.590MBTA (subway)Northside Boston West Dispatcher
160.695MBTA (subway)MOW
160.875MBTA (subway)Northside Yard
161.460MBTA (subway)MOW
161.565MBTA (subway)MOW
470.4125      MBTA (subway)Red Line Operations
470.6125      MBTA (subway)Orange Line Operations
470.6375      MBTA (subway)Green Line Operations
470.6625      MBTA (subway)Police
470.6875      MBTA (subway)Blue Line Operations
483.5625      MBTA (subway)Police
160.320MBTA (commuter rail)Boston East Dispatcher
                                                            Lowell Line: North Station-Bleachery
                                                            Lowell Line: Wildcat Branch
       Haverhill Line, Somerville to Wilmington Junction, CPW-WJ
               Rockport/Newburyport Lines
160.590MBTA (commuter rail)Boston West Dispatcher
Haverhill Line: North Station-Lowell Jct.
161.160MBTA (commuter rail)Fitchburg Line: Willows-Fitchburg (GRS)
161.160MBTA (commuter rail)Lowell Line: Bleachery-Lowell (GRS)
161.160MBTA (commuter rail)Haverhill Line: Lowell Jct.-Haverhill (GRS)
160.875MBTA (commuter rail)North Side Yards
160.800MBTA (commuter rail)Framingham-Worcester Line
160.920MBTA (commuter rail)Needham Line
160.920MBTA (commuter rail)Franklin Line
160.920MBTA (commuter rail)Fairmount Line (Dorchester Branch)
160.920MBTA (commuter rail)Attleboro-Providence Line
160.920MBTA (commuter rail)Stoughton Line
160.490MBTA (commuter rail)Old Colony Lines (Plymouth/Kingston & Middleboro-Lakeville)
160.740MBTA (commuter rail)South Side Yards
160.545Metro-NorthNew Haven Line Road
160.950Metro-NorthHudson Line Road
161.280Metro-NorthHarlem Line Road
160.410Mt. Washington Cog Railway          NH tourist railroad
452.9375      NationwideEOT (End Of Train device)
457.9375      NationwideEOT (End Of Train device)
160.350Naugatuck RR   CT museum line
161.475New Brunswick Southern
160.770New England CentralYard
160.935New England CentralPBX
161.040New England CentralMOW
161.205New England CentralRoad 1
161.415New England CentralRoad 2
160.395New England Southern      General Operations
160.230New Hampshire & VermontRailroad Inactive
161.340New Hampshire & VermontRailroad Inactive
161.340New Hampshire Central
160.275New Hampshire NorthcoastRepeater Out
161.385New Hampshire NorthcoastRepeater In
161.475Northern Vermont
160.395Old Colony & Newport               RI tourist line
160.335Pioneer Valley   Holyoke Branch Operations
161.085Pioneer Valley   Easthampton Branch Operations
160.650Providence & Worcester    Road
160.755Providence & Worcester    Police
160.890Providence & Worcester    MOW
161.100Providence & Worcester    Yard
161.325Providence & Worcester    Worcester Container Facility
452.9125      Providence & Worcester    EOT
160.215Quincy Bay Terminal      Switching line in Quincy MA
160.470Seashore Trolley Museum      Maine trolley museum
160.50  Seashore Trolley Museum
467.6125      Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum   Small museum in MA - FRS Radios
160.815St. Lawrence & Atlantic  Secondary
160.965St. Lawrence & Atlantic  Road Repeater Out
452.100St. Lawrence & Atlantic  Road Repeater In
452.900St. Lawrence & Atlantic  Road Repeater In
160.695Valley RR CT tourist line
160.290Vermont Railway SystemRepeater Out
160.440Vermont Railway System
160.710Vermont Railway SystemYard
161.010Vermont Railway System
160.470Washington County Interchanges with VRS, etc
161.190Washington County
161.505White Mountain Central  Clark's Trading Post
161.550Winnipesaukee Scenic RR     Tourist line (see Hobo RR)
New England Area Railroad Frequencies
This is a list of frequencies I have found by searching the Internet.  If you see anything incorrect, please let me know.
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