New England Railroad Rolling Stock Sampler
Montreal, Maine & Atlantic
B&M McGinnis logo milk car (2004 CT)
Maine Central caboose #642
Maine Central (MEC) '04
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B&M small McGinnis logo (Ayer 2005)
Central Vermont boxcar (Ayer MA 2005)
B&M caboose #482 (S Deerfield MA 2005)
Steel B&M caboose (Greenfield MA 2005)
Vintage Yellow B&M MOW hopper
Pan Am Logo side
Maine Central caboose (Canaan CT)
Wood B&M caboose (White River Jct VT)
B&M cement hopper (2006 Ayer MA)
PanAm "Blue Dip" Text Side
Maine Central 40' gondola (CT)
Maine Central #6364 (CT)
New Haven Caboose C-591 (Lenox MA 2006)
Guilford had two paint schemes for their boxcars.  The first was white with the gray "G" and orange stripe.  The second was the same gray as their locomotives with a white "G" and orange stripe.
The Guilford schemes were followed by a new Pan Am gray/blue one after the railroad changed their name.   It featured the classic globe logo from the airline on both sides, BUT the text logo only on ONE side!  In 2012 some cars were painted in a solid medium blue "dip" to match the Pan Am locomotives.  At first, they appeared with no logos.  Slowly some showed up with logos.
PanAm Text Side
Last B&M boxcar logo scheme
As with most older railroads, Boston & Maine's first cars were usually painted "boxcar red" or something similar.  They went from a square text logo, to the classic Minuteman logo, then on to the love-it-or-hate-it McGinnis blue schemes.  The last versions were simple block text.
Delaware & Hudson